Black Belt | Instructor

Gordon Kimura

Gordon Kimura, born and raised in Honolulu, HI, started his Jiu Jitsu training in 2007 in Florida while serving in the Air Force. Due to the lack of Jiu Jitsu academies in the area, training consisted of instruction and rolling sessions in a private classroom under a purple belt. After a few successful competitions in the Southeast Region, Gordon was promoted to Blue Belt 3 months into training. Later that year, Gordon relocated to Japan where he started his formal instruction under a black belt.

In 2008, Gordon was promoted to Purple Belt after a year of training in Tokyo. Gordon competed across Japan during his military tour in Asia. Gordon founded the Uprising Jiu Jitsu Academy on Yokota Air Base in 2010, where he was the head instructor for the kid and adult program. In 2011, Gordon moved back to the U.S. in Seattle to fulfill his military commitment at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. It was here where Gordon became motivated, developed his own unique game, and gained a strong desire to compete. Between 2011-2013, he competed up and down the west coast winning gold in California, Oregon,Washington, and Canada.

In 2014, Gordon was promoted to Brown Belt, and moved to Tucson, Arizona. In the summer of 2016, Inverse was born, Gordon received his Black Belt, later that year from Professor David Reilly. Gordon is an active Black Belt competitor on the IBJJF circuit and F2W Promotion. Jiu Jitsu has been a way of life for Gordon and has become the center for his life’s philosophy.


  • Albino and Preto
  • Choke Aloha


  • Washington State Champion/Purple
  • Vancouver B.C. Open Champion/Purple
  • Oregon Open Champion/Purple
  • Five Grappling Oregon Champion/Purple
  • IBJJF World Master Champion/Purple/M1
  • IBJJF NOGI World Champion/Brown/M1
  • IBJJF Pan Bronze/Brown/M1
  • IBJJF American National Champion/Black/M1
  • IBJJF Seattle International Open Silver/Black
  • IBJJF World Master Bronze/Black/M2
  • IBJJF NOGI World Bronze/Black/M2
  • 3 F2W Superfight wins/2 FOTN honors

Gordon Kimura Competition Footage