Rodrigo Godoy

In 2013 Professor Ariel began his Jiu-jitsu journey beside his wife and kids. From his own words, he tried a class and fell in love with it before he got off the mats the first time. Professor Ariel quickly learned that training jiu-jitsu was an enormous benefit to not just his physical health, but also his mental health, having delt with many issues stemming from time in the military and he’s deployments overseas. Professor Ariel, having found himself in a law enforcement career, also found the benefit of learning such a comprehensive form of self-defense to be a bonus. He feels it is helpful to have the additional skills to fall back on, when the tools provided to him through his job are not enough.

A few short years after beginning jiu-jitsu, Professor Ariel had the opportunity, with some amazing friends, to invest and open their own Jiu-jitsu Academy, Inverse. Professor Ariel is a true believer in learning the fundamentals and that having a good foundation is one of the most important aspects to learning jiu-jitsu. Opening Inverse gave Professor Ariel the opportunity to coach both kids and adults alike the fundamentals of jiu-jitsu, which he can honestly say is his passion. Professor Ariel also believes that teaching and coaching is necessary for one’s journey through jiu-jitsu. He believes through teaching, we ourselves, learn at a much deeper level.

Although Professor Ariel has competed in local and high-level competitions, for him Jiu-jitsu is about self-defense, building self-confidence, and being humble.