Tina Baba

Professor Tina is the and Managing member and founder/partner at Inverse Jiu jitsu. Tina starting training jiu jitsu early 2014 and received her Black Belt Dec 2022 from Professor Gabriel Souza Ferreira da Silva at Inverse Jiu Jitsu.

Tina’s motivation to start Jiu jitsu was for self-defense due to the nature of her job which is in Real Estate and to do something as family sport with her husband and three daughters. This brought the family closer together and for Tina, confidence, more self-awareness, skills, exercise and most importantly a jiu jitsu lifestyle.


Tina has competed at various levels of competition at IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiujitsu Federation) and achieved the following results listed below.

2022 IBJJF World Masters Bronze Brown Belt Masters 4 Light Feather Division

2021 IBJJF World Masters Silver Brown Belt Masters 4 Light Feather Division

2019 IBJJF World Masters Bronze Purple Belt Masters 3 Light Feather Weight Division